Our standard adoption fee is $350.00 for adult dogs, unless otherwise noted. This includes a health exam, spay/neuter, basic vaccinations (combo and rabies), microchip, general deworming, and required flea treatments.  It may also include a dental and any other special procedures needed to ensure the pup is healthy before going to their forever home. We make sure each dog is as healthy as possible prior to adoption, and make sure adopters are aware of any on-going, potential, and future health issues. 

We believe that running an animal rescue should not be about making money and it is never cheap. Last Chance Animal Rescue Society is a non-profit organization and any donations, or monetary income we might receive, goes directly to the care of the dogs and dog-related expenses.

Not only do we provide veterinary care for our intakes (check-ups, emergencies, treatment for illness including medications, lab tests if needed, imaging if needed, etc.), but we provide food, crates, beds, toys, and treats to the foster families who care for these dogs until they find their forever home. In addition, our volunteers, using their own out-of-pocket expenses, often travel long-distance for veterinary exams and emergencies, meet-and-greets, and delivery to adoptive or foster homes. In some cases, we also pay for behavior classes with a certified trainer.

Money is never taken as salary or for personal use. Ever.

We have, in the past, been subjected to individuals who think the adoption fee is too high, and we respect the opinions of others; however we do feel the need to communicate that the adoption fee is considered non-negotiable. This fee covers the cost of basic vet care upon intake. We may, on occasion, reduce the fee for a particular dog to ensure the best chance at finding a home for that dog, but this remains at the discretion of Last Chance Animal Rescue. Ultimately, the adoption fee has been carefully decided upon to cover our basic needs for both the dog in question and the state of the rescue as a whole.


We can't help them without your support!

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