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Founded in 2011, Last Chance Animal Rescue Society is registered BC Not-for-Profit Society operating out of the British Columbia Lower Mainland.

The purposes of our Society are:

(a) To rescue and rehabilitate dogs in need, and provide care for them until they can be successfully adopted into new homes.

(b) To provide community support and awareness for companion animal overpopulation.

We take in dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Many of our dogs were rescued or surrendered locally, however we also accept in dogs from northern provinces, and southern states, given with have adequate space.

Each dog entering our care is provided with basic health examinations, spay/neuter, dental cleanings/extractions (if needed), combo and rabies vaccinations, two courses of deworming treatments, microchips, and flea treatments (unless otherwise noted). We make sure each dog is as healthy as possible prior to adoption, and make sure adopters are aware of any on-going, potential, and future health issues. Our dogs receive top notch care, and cost is never a consideration when it comes to veterinary care for our dogs.

We do not have a facility, and operate solely out of foster homes. This provides the dog in our care with a “home environment”, so we can better assess their personalities. All foster homes provide basic training to the dogs in their care. If there are any outstanding behavioral issues, we provide professional positive enforcement training. Our dogs typically remain in foster care for a few months before being posted for adoption, which ensures we have a full understanding of the dog’s personality, and what they need in a forever home.

We are committed to finding the best homes possible for each of the dogs in our care. We have strict adoption screening, and carefully analyze the animal’s compatibility with each potential home. We maintain close relationships with all previously adopted pets and their new families. When a dog is adopted from LCAR, we are always here for the majority of the dog’s life, whether it is a simple question, or life change where the dog needs to be returned. Given unpredictable situations in the case of a dog being unable to stay in its adopted home, we require all our dogs come back into our care.

LCAR is run by a dedicated board of directors, and volunteers. No profit or salary is ever taken by any member, volunteer, or director. We work for the benefit of the animals, and all donations and income goes directly back to the dogs in our care. Each animal is provided with veterinary care, foster supplies (crates, leashes, harnesses, toys, food, treats, dishes, etc.), and any additional training needed – so the costs add up fast! We rely on public support and donations to offset the many expenses involved with the dogs in our care.

Thank you all very much for your on-going support. Without you, we cannot help them!


We can't help them without your support!

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